Monday, June 6, 2011

Welcome to the (Blog) World!

Hello All!

My name is Chana, I am a trained Birth Doula officially open for business! 

About one month ago I completed my "classroom" training hours toward DONA International certification and I am now looking for expectant moms and families to work with. I am still in the certification process, working toward registering and affiliating with DONA International, a well respected organization that supports and certifies a spectrum of Doulas (check out the link!)

"What's a Doula?" is the first question that most have had once they hear about my new undertaking. Well, simply put, a Doula is a labor and birth coach/support/assistant. Doulas work with pregnant women and families to prepare and plan for birth and labor. Doulas provide emotional, educational and physical support for moms and families during labor and birth. We seek to comfort laboring moms and assist laboring partners. We work to honor intended birth plans and encourage moms and partners to make informed decisions. We strive to raise the voice of laboring moms and partners.

 So here I am, setting up shop.

What now? Well, I will continue to post about the awesome work of Doulas in the world, my personal exploration of this field, what I have to offer as a Birth Doula, and how my profession unfolds.

You? You can spread the word. Deep down, I am a Community Organizer, strongly committed to the power of people. I'll blog, I'll post, I'll write, I'll chat but really, it's the word of mouth and buzz among the community that will bring in the business and find me some mommas to Doula for. So get talking!


  1. YAY. So proud of you. I will definitely help spread the word. Are you only able to be a doula to women in NY?

  2. Thanks! Yes, only in NY (need to be able to get to births quickly!) I will put that in here somewhere...
    Maybe you will guest blog for me with some pregnancy wisdom...